"Who Am I?": A look at Identity in Christ (Ephesians)

The question of "Who am I?" has plagued many throughout history. It is impossible to move forward into ministry, gifting, calling, anointing and mantle without first having a firm and secure understanding of who we are in Christ. Once we have the identity established we can begin to seek other areas of our life in Christ. Yet, we must always understand the thing that causes us to misidentify or misunderstand our identity is areas where idols and strongholds have been established. Ephesians has much to say on this important subject!

Idols and Identity Pt.1 (scott)

Idols and Identity Pt.2 (scott)

Idols and Identity Pt.3 (scott)

Idols and Identity Pt.4 (scott)

Idols and Identity Pt.5 (scott)